This is Karu (sometimes known as Karl Li on the streetz). Don't worry - he isn't scratching his butt with his left hand. Actually, no ninja has ever seen his left hand (only ninjas can see other ninjas). Karu has a very special ninja ability that very few ninjas can master. With swift movements of his right hand, he can correctly answer any standardized multiple choice exam. With further movements, he is able to write brilliant essays that make English teachers cry tears of joy. However, Karu's most amazing skill is probably his ability to wear his glasses without any support from his ears.

This is Arthur (the artist formerly known as Jason Yoon, formerly known as Prince). Arthur has many alter egos - primarily Bob, Milo, Tobias, and Bunbury. Bob has the ability to randomly move his hands, fingers, and feet in a fashion that allows him to play many musical instruments. Milo has the ability to fly. Tobias and Bunbury have rarely been seen in the ninja community, and not much is know about them. So who then is Arthur? Arthur is a normal ninja, who as a child liked to make silly faces. However, as you all know, if you hold a silly face for too long, your face becomes permanently stuck that way. Let's just say that Arthur held the :O face a little too long...

This is C-Bear (sometimes quietly referred to as Christian Yoon in deserted alleys). C-Bear has almost never been seen, and the picture you see is the best portrayal of him known to ninjas. Some ninjas claim that the sound of a beautifully played clarinet signals his approach. There are some reported sightings of C-Bear, who was found meditating on top of snow-capped mountains in the Alps (Citation Needed). C-bear has, however, informed that he enjoys wrecking other ninjas in ping-pong and tennis if he isn't reading books, meditating, or pensively thinking of ways to make the universe explode.

*Note* These biographies are obviously 100% factual, and questioning them in any way will result in a ninja (or a minja) visiting you in the near future...


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